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In CREATING A SUSTAINABLE ORGANIZATION: Approaches For Enhancing Corporate Value Through Sustainability (Financial Times, February 2012, $69.99), Soyka & Company founder and President Peter A. Soyka describes the growing convergence of corporate sustainability practices and the expectations of the financial sector, particularly investors, by linking environmental/sustainability management improvements to financial value creation, stock price changes, and durable competitive advantage.

Creating A Sustainable Organization

Soyka, Peter A. 2012. Creating a Sustainable Organization: Approaches for Enhancing Corporate Value through Sustainability. New York. FT Press. February. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-287440-3, ISBN-10: 0-13-287440-7.

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The book outlines a coming "sea change" and discusses its implications for professionals in the directly affected fields, corporate leaders, and policymakers. The book will have import for those who would lead internal sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts – including managers who have recently adopted the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Title. But most importantly, the book provides a unique "one-stop shop" resource for business executives and managers who may have an interest in environmental and sustainability issues, and need a work that is fact-based, business-driven, and financially disciplined. It makes the business case for sustainability, and then shows what to do and where to get started. Best of all, underlying the entire book and the wealth of information that it presents is a relentless focus on financial value creation.

Praise for Creating a Sustainable Organization

"Peter's message is clear: sustainability leadership is now synonymous with business leadership. The book is a clear roadmap to leverage sustainability thinking to create shareholder value."

Tim Mohin, Corporate Responsibility Director
Advanced Micro Devices
Author of Changing Business from the Inside Out.
A Treehugger's Guide to Working in Corporations

"Peter Soyka is a master at bringing clarity to concepts, deconstructing the labels in vogue, and offering a multi-disciplinary, grounded perspective that links socially responsible investing to corporate sustainability. He also diagnoses the changes, challenges, demands and expectations of the paradigm shift involving the EHS/sustainability and financial communities. This book is for organizations seeking to catalyze sustainability thinking and practice, develop a sustainability DNA, and stimulate the right conditions for value creation."

Donna Vincent Roa PhD, ABC, CSR-P
Managing Partner & Chief Strategist
Water Sector Communication Expert
Vincent Roa Group, LLC