Our founder and President, Peter A. Soyka, provides environmental and sustainability strategy and management consulting services to private and public sector clients focusing on improved environmental, organizational, and financial performance. He founded Soyka & Company in 2003, following a highly successful 17 year career, during which he rose through the ranks based on his talents and accomplishments. He has served in executive positions in several national-scale environmental consulting/engineering firms (e.g., ICF International, TetraTech).

Mr. Soyka's recent work has involved assessing and improving client…

  • Policies and strategies
  • Organizational structure and functions
  • Management systems
  • Performance measurement techniques, and
  • Communication and stakeholder management processes across a variety of client organizations.

Peter Soyka

During his career, Mr. Soyka has successfully designed and executed hundreds of consulting projects, including a number devoted to driving sustainability thinking and practices into client organizations at a strategic level.

He has developed a substantial number of new innovations for understanding and acting upon the organizational and financial aspects of corporate sustainability issues, and brings a substantial track record of innovative thinking and success in devising creative solutions to very challenging environmental/business management problems and translating new ideas into approaches, tools, and techniques that produce real results.

Mr. Soyka has developed a number of ground-breaking sustainability and environmental management concepts and research results, and routinely devises innovative new approaches to meeting and exceeding client needs.

He has extensive successful experience in evaluating and bringing to market new products and services, catalyzing constructive organizational change, developing and applying new analytical tools and methods, and managing, training, and motivating marketing and project teams.

He has provided customized, highly responsive consulting services to a wide array of major corporations, trade associations, small businesses, federal and state government agencies, and other organizations.

He is particularly well known for his pioneering work at the intersection of environment and finance. He has authored two recent, critically acclaimed books on organizational sustainability, and authored or co-authored a number of original research articles, book chapters, and reports defining, articulating, and in some cases, quantifying, the company-level financial effects of environmental management and performance improvements and how prudent investments in environmental and sustainability-driven capital improvements and internal programs reduce costs, eliminate or reduce financial risks, and protect or increase revenues. Mr. Soyka's work has received world-wide attention, and been featured in several national and international business publications.

Mr. Soyka is an experienced public speaker, facilitator, workshop leader, and instructor, and has served in these roles in a number of national and international conferences, symposia, workshops, and training sessions on such topics as environmental (or environmental, health, and safety) management systems, environmental performance (or sustainability) indicators, marketing strategies, corporate finance and governance, financial aspects of environmental initiatives, and a variety of other topics.

To meet the diverse and changing needs of our clients, Mr. Soyka assembles project teams of appropriate size and composition to execute the work required at both a high level of professionalism and at low cost. When needed, supplemental project staff are typically drawn from among our business partners and from other solo consultancies.