Public Sector

Government agencies operate in an environment characterized by (sometimes) evolving missions, increasing budgetary challenges, changing workforce demographics, and a more demanding electorate. Soyka & Company works with our public agency clients and business partners to develop and deliver effective sustainability and more general management consulting services and products within the constraints imposed by these challenging conditions. Our experience tells us that there are many ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the ways public sector organizations develop, implement, evaluate, and monitor policies and programs to deliver responsive services that meet end-user expectations and achieve their desired results.

Soyka & Company offers extensive experience in understanding and meeting the needs of federal agency and other public sector customers. We help our clients to…

  • Develop and analyze the pertinent facts
  • Formulate effective environmental/ sustainability policy
  • Public Sector Clients

    • U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • U.S. General Services Administration
    • U.S. Postal Service
    • Canada Post

    Working with us

    GSA Federal Supply Schedule Contracts:

    Environmental Services
    Contract No. GS-10F-0131X
    Fact Sheet

    Mission-Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS)
    Contract No. GS-10F-0043X
    Fact Sheet
  • Institute sound management practices
  • Improve organizational effectiveness, and
  • Stimulate dialog and constructive change.

We are based in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, providing convenient and timely access to the headquarters locations of most federal government departments, agencies, and commissions, as well as to major multilateral organizations, industry and trade associations, and nonprofits, many of which have an abiding interest in public policy and federal agency activity.

We are pleased to be able to offer prospective clients in federal agencies and other eligible organizations our services under the terms of two contract vehicles awarded by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA): Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) and Environmental Services. These contract vehicles, which greatly simplify the contracting process, are listed in the adjacent box. Our contract catalogs may be found on the GSA e-library web site, at

Soyka & Company helps government agencies (and our other clients) understand and respond to the challenges they face. Our approach to working with government clients combines a broad understanding of regulatory requirements and economic conditions with deep functional, process, communications, and interpersonal skills. We draw on our highly developed capabilities in people, operations, and process to make organizational change, sustainability, performance improvement, and other initiatives work. We bring to every assignment a solid reputation for technical excellence, objectivity and independent thinking, developing innovative approaches to solve complex, unstructured problems, and a commitment to delivering maximum value at minimum cost. Our record of experience demonstrates that we have been able to repeatedly deliver high quality work products and solutions, on time and within budget. This record of achievement has earned our firm and its key members the trust and ongoing support of a number of public agency and other clients. Importantly, during this time of severe budgetary constraints, Soyka & Company delivers more value in return for the investment of our clients' limited resources than our competitors. We consistently deliver results conferring short-term benefits as well as longer-term advantages at both reasonable hourly rates and at a very economical overall project cost.

For Government Contractors

As a small business, Soyka & Company frequently teams with other companies, nonprofits, and other organizations to pursue, acquire, and execute new consulting projects. We have ongoing and productive relationships with a number of firms serving federal agency and other public sector customers, ranging from other small consultancies and solo practitioners to very large, publicly traded consulting and professional services firms. We are always looking for new opportunities to do interesting work and welcome the chance to meet and develop relationships with others sharing this interest. We are particularly interested in potential new engagements that allow us to leverage our limited size by joining other organizations having complementary capabilities. We have used such arrangements to successfully execute a number of public sector contracts that we would have been unable to capture and fulfill otherwise.

One additional facet of our expertise may be of particular interest to firms providing services to the federal government, or seeking to do so. Our President, Peter Soyka, has been involved in all aspects of government contracting work for more than 25 years. In addition to providing much of the technical knowledge and skill behind numerous successful contracting and project initiatives over the years (for both Soyka & Company and previous large company employers), Mr. Soyka is an expert proposal writer and strategist. He has extensive successful experience in pre-proposal positioning; team formation; and proposal strategy development, planning and management, and drafting and editing. In fact, he has been retained by a number of small and large businesses for his expertise and skill in either helping to conceptualize and draft a proposal, perform critical review (e.g., as a "Red Team" and/or "Gold Team" member), or take part in an intervention to rescue an important proposal process not meeting expectations. Mr. Soyka often plays a key role through developing compelling "win" themes, surfacing client company strengths and weaknesses, identifying weaknesses in approaches and draft proposal materials, and drafting new proposal text (or even entire chapters). His proposal writing and editing skills are particularly valued by client companies, because he produces written material that is fully responsive to both RFP and (often) unstated requirements, is sensitive to the culture and interests of the contracting organization, is clear and compelling, and speaks directly to why award to his team is the only reasonable outcome of the contracting process. In short, Mr. Soyka can provide a powerful boost to proposal efforts requiring tighter focus, a more compelling value proposition, and/or more clear and accessible written material.