Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability means many different things to different people. To some it means “greening,” while to others it means energy-efficient building design and construction or taking a “triple bottom line” orientation to running a company. This can lead to confusion as to what a sustainability program or initiative is attempting to promote. We help our clients achieve clarity on this issue by promoting an approach centered on the long-term health of their organization, focusing on the important environmental, health and safety, and social equity issues it faces.

We take a fundamentally different approach than that of most other sustainability management practitioners. We believe that sustainable organizations are those that understand and act upon the financial consequences of the environmental, social, and competitive forces affecting their mission and business lines.

What sets us apart is that we continuously apply a disciplined, financially-driven set of methods that produces options optimized to improve environmental and social performance in a way that minimizes cost and/or results in new wealth creation. While other consultancies tend to focus first on either the issues that are familiar to the public (e.g., recycling, use of energy efficient lighting) or on those that may be the focus of external pressure groups, we concentrate on determining which sustainability-related issues really matter to the long-term health and success of the enterprise, and helping our clients develop sound strategies, tactics, and programs to take advantage of the opportunities created by these issues while limiting any associated risks. Generally, this involves the use of rigorous, quantitative analysis. We have used this approach successfully for a diverse array of clients and to address many different situations, providing distinctive value at very reasonable cost.